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Christian Gift Serentiy Prayer

Apologies for the chaos of the christiancrafts temporary site – please bear with me.  I’m personally redeveloping the site.  I  should have the revised site online soon.

Meanwhile please take a look at  the images and contact me  if  you need anything, want to know how much something costs  (you’ll be pleasantly surprised…) or just want to ask me something.  I’m a click or a call away.

My number is on the card at the bottom of the page …

We make bespoke Prayers, Psalms, Verses, Wishes and Memorials

Here are just a few images of slate & wood laser carvings I've made

Looking for a unique or bespoke Christian item? A gift, present or award maybe ?    Something made with care?  Something that was not mass produced in a Chinese sweatshop but is still affordable  – is here for you.

Would you like to give that special someone something unique that was designed & created with care & pride here in the UK East Midlands?  Something you’d be proud to give or receive yourself ?  Something they’ll treasure forever?

I design & create unique and beautiful laser cut & etched christian objects. I work in wood, slate, card, leather acrylic & glass and I can also laser etch designs into metals.

I design, laser cut and hand finish unique Prayers, Psalms, Verses, Wishes and Memorials in wood, and onto hand cut slate .

I offer British quality & workmanship at affordable prices.  I can personalise most items I make for you for example with names, dates, events, messages etc laser cut or etched into the item for you – my details are below mail me or call me for a chat about what you’d like.

Are you wondering how to order something ?

I like to keep things simple.  I work mostly with individuals & small groups and very often make bespoke items.  The process works like this;

  • You see something you like on the site or you have an idea…
  • You call me (I love a chat!) or email me  and we talk about what you are interested in.  Then work out a price & delivery
  • If we come to an agreement I email you an invoice with my BACS bank details on it (or  we can use  PayPal if you prefer) and you settle the account.
  • I post the item(s) to you as soon as I’ve made them ( 2-3 days usually)
  • I listen out for for your squeals of delight when Hermes deliver to you.

Here are a few of the crosses I've designed and made, mounted on my custom "invisible" stand

Here are most of the wordings of my crosses - these in the pictures are light wood I do dark wood and many other wood veneers too - Cherry, Ash, Oak , Beech etc.

Do you recognise the version of the Lord’s prayer that you were taught?

These are the 15 Stations of the Cross custom designed on wall hanging slate.

I forgot to photograph number 2, but I did deliver it!

Why I do it...

Why would someone in a well paid, well respected, corporate job, suddenly get the notion to pack it in, quit the rat race and do something creative?

In 2018  I was guided by a higher power to buy a laser machine and learn to design & make things – a genuine leap of faith.  I just love what I’m doing these days, and I’m told it shows… 🙂

There is so much more to life than making money – we need contentment and happiness. is, for me, perfect work-wise. I also have a lovely wife, a smart dog, a nice home and a comfy little campervan and a motorcycle to tinker with – I’m living the dream!

I get to work with creative people who look not in terms of how much time or money something will make or save them, but how that something makes them feel. I sometimes stop and look at things I’ve designed & made and just think WOW! Everyone should feel this.

If you get a moment please take a look at the stuff in the picture galleries (See if you can find the version of the Lord’s prayer you were taught at Sunday school).  They are  temporary  galleries of some of the things  that I remembered to photograph before dispatching them. I don’t always remember to do this… If you see something you like and think “I’d like that” , or something like it , or maybe  something personalised with a date or a message added.”   Please get in touch..  If you have a moment take a look at my Handytech website or my FaceBook business pages Christiancraftskeith and Handytechkeith.

Bespoke is my middle name (not really,  it’s Raymond).  I think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised at how cost effectively (corporate speak for cheaply…) I can produce quality bespoke items in numbers from one to a thousand. Asking costs nothing , so please reach out

If there is anything you’ve thought about having made, please get in touch – I may have made it already and just not listed it or shown it (or remembered to photo it…) .

If you have a great idea for something maybe I could make it just for you, or add it to my range – tell me about it.  My contact details are shown below click the card to send me an email,  or fill in the form and send me an email.   I look forward to hearing from you. 

Christian Crafts Business Card
Christian Crafts Business Card

The Handytech connection is me Keith Salway, as is

Here in Christiancrafts I talk exclusively about Christian Crosses, prayers, memorials, wishes, thoughts and verses so that visitors to this site don’t need to wade through everything in the gallery on the Handytech site where I make things such as shop signs, house signs, coasters, slate images, business cards and so on…