23rd Psalm. A perfect Christian gift.

23rd Psalm. A perfect Christian gift. 1

We’ve been beavering away in the background designing and making lovely things – It is SUCH a satisfying job this I love it!

Our latest creation is an updated version of our 23rd Psalm block, laser carved from a single piece of wood. It has a border incorporated to make it more robust, and it can be supplied as plain wood complete with custom stand, or with wall hangings . We can mount it to slate, contrasting wood, backing card or coloured acrylic, and we can frame it for you or you can add your own frame

In bare wood this exquisite piece is 240mm x 120mm as standard . Backing at this size is normally 250mm x 130mm.

If you need a bigger piece, for a large room or church for example we can go to 550mm x 275mm on a 600mm x 325mm backing…

We can etch a message of your choice onto the backing you choose, making this a truly unique and personal gift that you’ll be proud to give (or receive) and that they will cherish forever.

What would YOU like.

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