The Lord’s Prayer – The full set! All common variations of the Lord’s Prayer including the Pope’s 2019 version are here!

Unique Christian Gifts

We have been pulling out the stops to create the full set of Lord’s Prayer Crosses – bordered and unbordered Light and Dark wood.

Christian Gift - Light Wood open Cross on Slate Backing
Light Wood open Cross on Slate Backing

Our unique scope is now


  • 1662 Traditional ( Anglican) Book of Common Prayer version
  • 1772 Anglican Book of Common Prayer (BCP) Version
  • 1928 Modern Methodist and United States Epicsopal Church BCP version
  • 1988 English Language Liturgical Consultation (ELLC) ASB Version


  • Traditional Version
  • 2019 Pope’s revised version

No-one else has done this as far as I can see – this collection is Unique!

All are available in light or dark wood (all the one shown are light wood) and all come with a custom designed matching wooden stand. They can also be supplied mounted onto a backing of Light Wood, Dark Wood, Oak veneer or magnificent Slate for framing or wall hanging. Why not get our friends at Tobi frames to frame it for you?

Take a look at the five different wording of the crosses – do you recognise the Prayer that you were taught? Seeing any of these crosses makes the viewer stop and read – maybe they are looking for spelling mistakes (!) but inevitably after reading it a few times this beautiful prayer is commited to heart – learned effortlessly.

Wouldn’t it make a great Christmas present for someone you know, mounted on a beautiful contrasting backing or even framed for wall hanging. These are all 289mm x 202mm and so ideal for an A4 sized frame…

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